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Meadview, the only community in Arizona with access to Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon by personal watercraft, graces the easterly end of Lake Mead on an unspoiled plateau swept with Joshua Trees.

Meadview is in Mohave County in the North Western area of Arizona, on the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon and in the Mojave Desert Mountains which is also called "The Grapevine Mesa".

Meadview is a small rural community actually located in the northwestern corner of Arizona, where Lake Mead begins and the Colorado River and the western part of the Grand Canyon ends.

The latitude of Meadview is - 36.002 N.  and  longitude is - 114.067 W.  The community is in the Mountain Standard time zone.

Meadview is believed to be the only town anywhere not only in the United States but world wide that is actually inside a National Park.  The Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the largest Joshua Forest in the world is your landscape as you drive to this hidden "best kept secret" ( though many believe that the secret is out ) community.

The Meadview area enjoys elevations ranging from 3,100 - 3,800 feet, and open range with Wild Horses, Burros, Coyotes, Cottontail and Jack Rabbits, Quail, Road Runners, and a variety of snakes and Lizards and others - see link on Plants and Animals.

The area lends to many sports including boating on Lake Mead, to fishing, hiking, gold mining and 4-wheeling.  One can not only enjoy the fishing but the sandy beaches and a day use picnic area with adjacent swimming beach at South Cove, or travel by water northeast into the Grand Canyon or southwest to Hoover Dam.

Either direction affords magnificent views, abundant wildlife and total relaxation.  The Ute Trail, used for centuries by Indians crossing the Colorado River is in Grapevine Wash located east of Meadview. 

For an overall view of high and low temperatures, rain and snow fall link here to weather and scan down to weatherbase.  Remember that temperatures at the lake will have a tendency to be 10 - 15 degrees warmer than the temperature in Meadview.  Meadview has a monsoon season which normally runs July - August.  -  see link on Weather.

The zip code/postal code is 86444

The telephone prefix for local calls is - 564

Meadview has a Fire Department, a Civic Center, and a Library - see link for Government.  

Mohave County Seat is Kingman.

There are eighteen different units in the Meadview subdivision with lots sizes ranging from 60 feet by 100 feet to over an acre, with one unit having up to 40 acres.

For an overview of the various Meadview units with a map showing the various unit locations see this link for Real Estate Information.

Meadview is a community with a population of approximately 1500, this population  decreases in size during the summer months and increases in size during the winter months.  Those living and visiting Meadview discover the advantages of the beauty of Lake Mead and the hills of Grapevine Mesa.

For many the highlight of Meadview is its proximity to outdoor activities at Lake Mead.  This is a spectacular lake situated in the middle of the desert.  The views from the lake are one of a kind.  South Cove is just a few miles north of Meadview, close to the end of Pearce Ferry Road.  The cove has a boat ramp, but no camping facilities.  Fishermen like to leave South Cove and head north into Iceberg Canyon.  Large bass have been found in these waters.

The Meadview basin is elongated from north to south, is six to seven miles wide, and is about 16 miles long.  Most of the southern part of the basin is a highland area called Grapevine Mesa.  The northern section is a valley formed by the Grapevine Wash that drains runoff into Lake Mead.  It is founded on the east by the Grand Wash Cliffs, on the west by the Wheeler Ridge, on the south by the Garnet Mountains, and on the north by Lake Mead.

The floor of the basin slopes from about 4,400 feet above mean sea level at its southern end to about 1,400 feet above mean sea level at Lake Mead.  The highest point in the basin is about 6,000 feet above mean sea level along Grand Wash Cliffs.  Grapevine Wash, the main drainage in the basin is an ephemeral stream with a small perennial reach near Grapevine Springs.
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